Gift Ideas for Guys That Are Overseas

A guy overseas typically experiences anxiety from being away from home. Since he is away from home, gifts that remind him of home are good because it helps him pass time, keep up with his family, friends and his culture as much as possible. Gifts can be sent to guys overseas for any occasion (birthday, holiday, anniversary or just because).

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are good ideas for guys overseas. With gift baskets, there is a variety of products and themes to choose from. There are snack gift baskets that include specific brands that he may not be able to buy overseas. Book gift baskets help the guy overseas pass time with his favorite author or favorite genre of reading. The time for sending a gift basket overseas can vary. According to, it takes two weeks for baskets to be delivered to overseas military bases. Therefore, it is important to order the basket early enough for it to be delivered in time for the special occasion.

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Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts that guys overseas can enjoy are cards, photo crafts and other ideas that remind him of his home. The homemade card may be more expensive than a card at the store, but the time, thought and effort that goes into the card is priceless to someone overseas away from his home. There are craft stores that offer classes to individuals on creating cards and photo ideas. The card can be a college of quotes that are encouraging, or quotes he uses all the time. Photos are good to help a guy overseas be closer to his family or friends. The photos allow him to see how his child, sister or friend is growing. When making a card, the photo can go outside or inside the card, in some cases both. This idea allows an individual to decorate the card to fit the persona of the guy who is receiving it.


Electronics are great gift ideas for guys overseas. Cell phones are useful for the guy to communicate with his family. Make sure the carrier the phone is purchased through has an option allowing international usage. Then for times when he is bored, video game systems (Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Xbox) help a guy overseas pass the time. With games systems, it is OK if the guy overseas does not have a television, because there are portable game systems (Nintendo DS, Nintendo Gameboy and PSP) that do not require a television. A netbook (laptop) is a gift that can help a guy overseas avoid any stress that he may be enduring, as well as escape from boredom. If the guy overseas is a soldier, other gifts may include flashlights, digital cameras, a GPS navigation watch and heart monitor or other electronics that come in handy.