Gift Ideas for Couples for a Bridal Shower

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Some bridal showers may only include the bride and her friends. Others, though, include both members of the couple as well as friends of both genders who want to celebrate with the couple. If you are purchasing a gift for both the bride and groom, choose something that they can share. A gift that is shared can result in the sharing of additional time together as well, making a bridal shower gift for the couple two gifts in one.

Kitchen Supplies

The couple is going to need to stock their kitchen. Kitchen gadgets such as an electric grill, waffle maker or quesadilla maker can make cooking together quick and fun. The couple can experiment creating new favorite dishes together combining their favorite dishes. Other supplies such as glassware, silverware and bar-ware can help them start to personalize their kitchen. Glasses with both the bride and the groom's name on them can help give that kitchen a personal touch.


Encourage the couple to play together to celebrate their new partnership. Games such as card games and board games can help pass the time together on a cold or rainy night when they are home for the evening. If you want to get something a little more risque for the couple, purchase them a game such as "love dice" that instruct them to do actions such as licking, kissing and touching specific body parts of their partner. Another game the couple might enjoy playing is painting each other with edible body paint. The bride and groom can display artistic talents and then have fun removing them with their tongues.

Decorative Items

The newlyweds are going to need to decorate their shared living accommodations. Decorations can range from paintings and wall hangings to a door plaque with the last name of the couple on it. Items such as lamps and curtains can be used to decorate various rooms throughout the house. Ask the couple if they have specific color schemes or themes for the rooms before choosing these accessories so you can match them with the interests of the newlyweds.

Night On The Town

Planning the wedding requires a lot of work and spending time meeting with various vendors that will supply services for the wedding. Decisions on who to hire, as well as who to include on the guest list can be time consuming and frustrating. Don't let the couple forget why they are getting married. Give them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant as well as tickets to a movie or a play so they can spend time together enjoy each other's company away from the stress of planning the wedding.