Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients

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Finding the right words to comfort someone you is enduring a cancer crisis can be hard, and finding a gift to give can be even harder. Many gifts can be useful to cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or other treatments and can show your love and support.

Head Gear

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For cancer patients who will be undergoing chemotherapy treatments that may cause them to lose their hair, nice head gear makes a great gift. Baseball caps, scarves and beanies are all great gift options for a cancer patient. Purchase the head gear in a variety of colors so that the patient will have a caps to match different outfits.


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Offer your help with tasks such as cleaning, cooking or running errands. Get the cancer patient a gift certificate for a maid or meal delivery service if you don’t have the time or live far away. Cancer treatments can leave the patient exhausted, which can make even the simplest of household tasks a challenge to complete. Offering your services or giving a gift certificate for services will allow the cancer patient to relax without her house becoming a mess or having to resort to fast food to eat.

Scent-Free Products

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Even the smallest gift designed to help the cancer patient feel pampered is a gift worth giving. Avoid lotions with scents, as they may make the cancer patient nauseous. Instead opt for high-quality scent-free lotions and other body products. You can make a gift basket filled with scent-free items such as laundry detergent and shampoo.

Regular Gift

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Sometimes a cancer patient gets sick of being a cancer patient. Give him a gift that you would give him if he wasn’t battling cancer. The chance to feel normal is the real gift.

Comfortable Clothing

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Chemotherapy, radiation and other medications used to treat cancer can all have weird effects on one’s body and thus on weight. Some cancer patients lose weight while others gain, either way, their old wardrobe might not fit. Purchase comfortable sweats, pajamas, yoga pants and t-shirts to give to the patient. All of these items will help her to stay comfortable during trips to the hospital and days spent resting around the house. Slippers, thick socks and even comfortable cotton underwear make great gifts as well.


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If you listen to a certain CD or read a special book when you are looking for inspiration, share these things with a cancer patient. Have your favorite inspirational quote engraved on a key chain or ID bracelet. Purchase that special CD or book for the patient. Sharing things that you find inspirational is a wonderful way to help a friend get through this tough time.