How to Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate From Mexico

by Contributor

When it comes to obtaining a birth certificate from Mexico, you could certainly go to the vital records office where you were born, or you could use the company Acta Express. Here's how.

Check out and click on the services tab.

Scroll down to "birth certificate" and click on that tab. You'll be taken to another portion of the page which informs you that in order to obtain the birth certificate from Mexico, you'll need to provide your full name, date of birth, parents name and place where the birth was registered. If you don't have all of the information, the company will do some back tracking to try and locate it.

Place the order on the website by clicking on the "birth certificate" tab under the drop down "place an order" menu. There you will fill out a form where you out all relevant information in accordance with the birth.

Wait for the team at Acta Express to contact you. Because the pricing fluctuates from state to state within Mexico, they will contact you to give you the final price and re-confirm your information.

Receive your birth certificate by US priority mail. This is the standard shipping method used by Acta Express. You pay more money for expedited services and rushed delivery.


  • Acta Express has workers residing in every region of Mexico. While their base fee will cost more than merely walking into the government office, it'll certainly be cheaper than taking a trip to Mexico.