How to Obtain a Sealed Birth Certificate

by Drenee Brown

Birth certificates needed for passport applications or identification usually have to have a raised seal, which indicates they are legal documents. The seal is the official state stamp of the state in which you were born. To obtain a birth certificate with a raised seal, you must contact your state's vital statistics department.

Call your state's vital statistics office. This office holds all records of births, deaths, divorce and marriages for the state. If you live in the state in which you were born, you can receive the certificate the same day by visiting your local office. If you live outside the state in which you were born, processing can take four to six weeks. Most offices offer expedited services. You must write a notarized letter requesting your birth certificate and provide a copy of your driver's license or passport.

Fill out the form and pay $25 for your sealed birth certificate. You can get this form at your local department of vital statistics office or you can complete it online. You must fax a copy of your driver's license or passport to complete the form online. You may request multiple copies of your sealed certificate for an additional fee.

Contact the official service for expediting sealed birth certificates. If you need your birth certificate immediately, you can have it delivered within three business days by using this service. Another option is to have a family member who lives in your birth state pick up the certificate. You must write a notarized letter giving that person permission to pick up your certificate and send a copy of your driver's license or passport with the letter. You will pay $25 plus a processing fee, which varies by state.

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