How to Find Death Records for Mexico

Obtaining death records in Mexico is not difficult. However, computer filing systems in Mexico are not as well organized or as developed as they are in the U.S., Canada, or Europe. So, the best way to get these records is to physically appear at the Registro Civil in the municipality where the person died. In some cases, you will be referred to the State Registro Civil office. There are cases where there is no death record. This happens when vandalism has occurred in the municipality Registro Civil, or the State Registro Civil.

At the Registro Civil

Locate the deceased person's birth certificate. If you don't have it, then find as much information as you can about the person. Have the full name, the place of birth and the birth date of the person, available. If you have any other proof like a baptismal record, keep this information available, too.

If you are not sure about any pertinent information like one of the surnames, or the exact date of birth, visit the Catholic church parish in the city or town where the deceased person resided. Mexican Catholic churches have kept baptismal records for nearly 500 years. This type of record can give you the missing information.

Go to the Registro Civil (the Mexican Vital Statistics office) in the city in which the person died and take the information you have acquired. Go early to avoid longer lines.

Give the clerk the information you have and ask the clerk for the Mexican death certificate. Be ready to pay a nominal fee, which varies. The administrative personnel may ask you to return in the afternoon.

If the record is still in the municipality, the clerk at the Registro Civil will give you a certified copy of the death certificate at the appointed time. If not, you will be redirected to the state Registro Civil. In this case repeat Steps 1 through 4.

Apply Online

Apply online if the person died in the state of Nuevo Leon, or Jalisco. A few states have digitalized their files and you can request a Mexican death certificate from the Registro Civil website.

Deposit the fee at the Registro Civil's specified bank.

Scan the bank deposit slip and fax it to the Registro Civil. This allows you to apply online.

Receive the death certificate a couple of weeks after applying at a Mexican address. The few Registro Civil offices that have an online application process will only send information to residents in Mexico.