Fun Jewelry Party Games

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Games at a jewelry party engage the guests and add entertainment to the event. To turn them into a selling tool, plan party games that get the guests to interact with the jewelry. Keep the party games short and fast paced so the guests don't get bored. The more time you spend playing games, the less time they have to spend shopping.

Memory Tray

This jewelry party game takes only a few minutes to play but allows the guests to see some of the pieces you're selling. Choose the pieces you really want the guests to notice. You'll need between 10 and 20 pieces depending on personal preference. Place the jewelry items on a tray covered with a towel. Remove the towel and walk around so all of the guests get to see the contents of the tray. Then replace the towel so no one can see the jewelry. The guests then write down as many of the pieces of jewelry as they can remember. The guest who remembers the most items is the winner.

Custom Jeweler

The guests interact with each other and the jewelry in this party game. The guests pair up for the game. Based on their previous knowledge of each other or on the way they are dressed, the guests pick out pieces of jewelry for each other. The guests then model the jewelry selected by their partners so everyone can see it. You can also talk about the different pieces briefly as they are being modeled.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt isn't just for kids. Add a jewelry twist to it to make it fit a home jewelry party. Each guest gets a clue about a particular piece of jewelry. Make each clue about a different piece. The guests read their clues and look over the jewelry to figure out which piece they're supposed to find. You can either have them look at your display jewelry or look through the catalog. If you have them use the catalog, they gain familiarity with the entire collection and may see some pieces they want to come back to later. The first guest to figure out which jewelry you're talking about wins.


Trivia games work well for a jewelry party because you can customize them to fit the situation. Create a list of trivia questions about jewelry in general or about the specific pieces from your line. You can let the guests play individually or divide them up into two teams. Each correct answer earns the person or the team a point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the trivia game wins. You can make this game as short or long as you want depending on how many trivia questions you include.