Fun Baby-Themed Food for a Shower

Barry Austin/Digital Vision/Getty Images

At your shower, feature creative dishes, snacks and sweet treats that highlight cute baby items such as bonnets, rattles, carriages and toys. Do this by using kitchen tools to change the shape of certain foods or add a baby-themed spin with frosting and edible candies that look like items you would see in a nursery. The end result will surprise guests and put a smile on the new mother's face.

Vegetable Ideas

Serve baby carrots, cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes in small paper baby shoes. Adorn a decorative round tray with dozens of these veggie-filled paper booties. Place dip in the middle of the display for those who like to dip their carrots in ranch dressing. Only put dry vegetables in the shoes. You can also place vegetables inside real baby shoes as long as the shoes are brand new. Adorn other baby-themed trays shaped like rattles, bottles and other items with more veggies and dip, depending on how many guests you're having.

Fruit Ideas

Prepare creative fruit dishes that have a baby-themed spin for your friend's baby shower. Cut a large watermelon to look like a baby buggy or carriage and fill it with chopped fruit. Cut circular orange slice wheels and use toothpicks to attach these to all four sides. Use baby-themed cookie cutters to sculpt slabs of honeydew melon, pineapple and watermelon into fun shapes like rattles and baby bottles.

Other Foods

Serve chip portions in small pink, blue or baby-themed cupcake holders and place these on a tray with salsa in the middle. Make chicken salad, turkey or roast beef sandwiches and cut these into triangle wedges, circles, squares or other fun shapes. Find toothpicks with rattles and other baby items attached at the party store and place these in the center of each sandwich. Serve food on trays shaped like baby feet or other cute items.


Make cookies, cakes and other treats that fit the theme of the your shower. Chocolate fudge brownies with edible baby rattles or colorful sprinkles work well. You can also make cupcakes with sweet baby faces or edible baby-themed items on each one. Make the faces with colorful frosting or find baby cupcake decor at the party store. Cupcakes with the new baby's name and little flowers or ladybugs can work well. Baby boy cupcakes can showcase things boys love such as dinosaurs, baseball and other toys along with tiny blue edible rattles. Make bite-sized square cakes covered in frosting on all sides to resemble baby blocks with letters, numbers or toys on each one.