Foods for a Dog Theme Party

dog biscuits image by Greg Pickens from

Dog-themed parties are enjoyable for children and adults, but your guests would probably not be happy if you served them dog food and dog biscuits. However, they likely will be excited to see human versions of dog food and dog biscuits, as well as other dog-themed food. Creating these items can be easy and entertaining.

Dog Bone Cookies

Use a dog-bone-shaped cookie cutter to make cookies. If you do not have a bone-shaped cookie cutter, carefully cut dog bone shapes in the cookie dough with a knife. Bake these cookies, then make them look more like real dog bones by writing "Milkbone" in icing or putting dots of icing in the middle of the cookie to resemble the dimples in real dog bones.

Chocolate Labrador Cupcakes

Make chocolate Laborador cupcakes by adding two rolled-out Tootsie Roll candies cut to the shape of ears; three miniature marshmallows iced over for the nose and snout; one pink fruit chew cut into the shape of a tongue; two black jelly beans, one for the nose and another cut in half and used for the eyes; and some chocolate frosting to frost the cupcake. These cupcakes are easy to make, though a beginner cake decorator should expect the decoration to take about 10 minutes per cupcake. An intermediate or advanced cake decorator can decorate one cupcake in about three to five minutes.

Puppy Chow

You can make party puppy chow by pouring some Cocoa Puffs cereal into a dog bowl with or without some milk. Garnish the dish with a bone-shaped graham cracker to add to the flair of the dish. This food is easy to prepare and fun to eat. Turn it into a party game by seeing who can finish their bowl of party puppy chow first without using a spoon.