First Date Clothing Ideas

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Deciding what to wear can add to your first-date jitters. A stylish outfit that fits well can go a long way toward making an unforgettable first impression. You should dress in a manner that expresses your personality and style. The better you feel about how you look, the more comfortable and confident you will be on your date.

Daytime Casual

For a daytime date to a museum or lunch, you want to be as relaxed as possible. Straight or fitted jeans are ideal for both men and women. Women can complete their look with a fitted top, blazer and low-heeled shoes -- comfortable for walking. Men should complement their jeans with a collared shirt and pullover sweater or cardigan and loafers. The color scheme for both should befit the particular season.

Dinner and a Movie

For a dinner and a movie date, a woman can don a comfortable dress with stylish boots. If this is an after-work date, transition from work wear by switching a collared shirt for a frilly top and work pants or skirt for skinny jeans. Joe Zee, creative director for Elle magazine, suggests that you tone down on the jewellery so as not to make too much noise throughout the movie. Men can wear their best-fitting jeans with a crisp shirt and a blazer. Tone down the office look by removing the tie, loosening the collar or changing into dark jeans.

Dinner or Cocktails

For a formal dinner date the couple can get dressed up. Women can explore looks beyond the little black dress such as shape fitting outfits in shades of blue with stilettos or platform heels. You can also show off your quirkiness with animal prints or other contrasting colors. Men can show that they are making an effort by wearing a collared shirt inside a blazer with a sleek pair of dress pants. Show off personal style with an interesting tie, a checkered jacket or shirt and snazzy loafers.

Clubbing or Dancing

For dancing or clubbing, women can go for a snug-fitting dress that complements their body type in dark or light shades. Another option is a sexy yet not too revealing top with a miniskirt, skinny jeans or leather pants -- and comfortable heels. Recommended club attire for men includes a button-down shirt with or without a thin tie and dark jeans that are not too baggy or flashy. You should both be comfortable in what you are wearing so that you can dance instead of worrying about your outfits.