How to Find out If Someone Has Divorced

Apart from using your intuition, there are ways to determine whether a person you're interested in or dating is married or divorced--which will determine how best to approach a relationship.

Observe the ring finger. Although a wedding band on the ring finger may signify a person’s marital status, it could also be worn by one who is seeking divorce, or one who has.

Know the culture of the person you date. Different cultures have different symbolic identifications such as jewelry, or other markings on the exposed parts of their bodies, that could indicate marital status. A good example is the black and gold-beaded necklace worn by a married Indian woman. However, you must know that single men or women of a particular culture also adopt the marital symbols of another culture and use them as fashion statements.

Be an attentive listener. Draw your date into a conversation by asking questions you would expect another to ask you. If you sense your date is edgy, hesitant or uncomfortable with a logical question asked, he or she may have something to hide. Alternatively, if you note some contradictions in his or her statements, proceed with caution. A person who has something to hide, particularly, marital status, may slip up.

If you are dining out with your date, look out for hints that may reveal his or her marital status. For example, if your date opens his or her wallet, chances are you may catch a glimpse of a loved one or probably children, which could indicate marital status.

Request a house visit. While requesting a visit to your date’s home would conform to etiquette, an unannounced visit would be even more revealing. In the case of the former, if he or she is evasive or not comfortable with the idea, be on your guard. Alternatively, during an unannounced visit, chances are you could meet someone who could be into a relationship with your date. Either way, you are likely to learn more about the person’s status.

Be patient and reasonable. Do not approach your date with preconceived, notions. Ask a simple, straightforward question about his or her marital status and expect an unhesitant, direct answer. There could be genuine reasons if the person is seeking a divorce, or has divorced. A sympathetic ear could go a long way in drawing logical conclusions, whereas a keen eye and ear could also reveal whether your date is sincere or not.