Examples of Wedding Wishes

You are attending a wedding and have no idea how to extend your wedding wishes. Whether you will be expressing yourself in a card, a toast or a note in the guest book, it is important to make it heartfelt. Let the thoughts be genuinely yours and, if you know the couple well, include some personal references. Newlyweds may also appreciate humorous words of wisdom from those with married life experience.

Personal Wishes from Parents

It has warmed our hearts to see your love bloom and mature into the beautiful commitment we witnessed today. (Daughter’s name), you have made us proud with everything you achieved in life, especially today with this excellent choice of life partner. (Husband’s name), we entrust our daughter to you with joy in our hearts, knowing that we are not losing a daughter but gaining a son. Welcome to the family. We wish you both a life together filled with love and happiness.

Humorous Wisdom

Marrying a person is like finally buying something you have been admiring in a shop window for a long time. You will love it when you take it home, but it may not always go with the rest of the things in the house. Marriage is all about compromising and often takes a lot of work, but the love you two share is worth the effort. Enjoy your married life and don’t forget to have fun!

When You Don’t Know the Couple Well

Wishing you all the best things marriage may bring. A shared future of friendship, love and the wonderful partnership that is married life.


Wishing you God’s blessings on this day of celebration. May He always be the heart of your relationship, the light in your home and ever-present in your married life.

Wedding Recipe

One half pound patience, one pound good temper, one pound sweetness of youth, one pound blindness to faults, one pound smart thinking, one pound humor, two pounds communication, one pint of fun, one wine glass of intoxicating love and a dash of playfulness. Pour this all into a vessel of trust, bake in the oven of radiant love, decorate with smiles and serve with patience, unselfishness and a cheerful heart. Follow the instructions and you are bound to live happily ever after.

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