Easy to Do Step by Step Magic Tricks

by Contributing Writer ; Updated September 28, 2017

Playing cards are a common prop in magic tricks.

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Magic tricks are an easy way to entertain all types of people. From young children to adults, many people love to be amazed by the sleights of hand and deceits of mind that constitute magic tricks. Perform Magic tricks at parties and other social occasions, or just for fun. With practice, you can master a few simple tricks that will baffle everyone.

Card Prediction

Many card tricks require you to predict the card that your audience picked. This method will allow you to choose a card for your audience while tricking them into thinking they picked it themselves. Take a peek at the bottom of a deck of cards without being seen by your audience. Ask a volunteer to split the deck in approximately half. While concealing the bottom half of the cards behind your hand, use the other hand to pull the card from the bottom of the bottom half onto the bottom of the top half. Now show the bottom card of the top half to your audience and tell them that was the card picked by your volunteer. You will then be able to do tricks that require advanced knowledge of your audience's card.

Jack Policemen

One trick that utilizes the previous method is called the Jack Policemen. Rifle through the deck and remove the two black jacks. Slip your finger under your audience's card and establish a break that you will be able to find easily. Tell your audience that the jacks are your policemen and they will find their cards. Pretend to insert the jacks into the deck randomly face up, but actually insert them directly above and below your audience's card. Tell a short story about how your policemen must search high and low for their card and how it will take the jacks a while to find it. Slap the deck and hold it face up, showing your audience their card sandwiched between the two jacks.

The Perfect 10

For the Perfect 10 trick, you will need an assistant to sit among the audience and pretend to volunteer. Arrange 10 randomly chosen cards in the same arrangement of the clubs on a 10 of clubs card, and replace one of them with the 10 of clubs. Tell the audience to pick one of the cards, and leave the room so you cannot see which card they picked. When you come back in, you will attempt to predict which card was chosen. Your assistant will ask you "Is this your card?" multiple times while seemingly pointing to random cards on the table. When the assistant points to the 10 of clubs, pay attention to which club he points to on the card. This club will represent the card in the same location, and you now know which card the audience picked. You must arrange for your assistant to do this before the performance as it would be suspicious to tell him/her what to do in the middle of a magic show.


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