Easy Meals for Elderly Parents

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Your elderly parents may have trouble making their own healthy meals. Meal creation is generally time- consuming as it can include an abundance of preparation and attention. Elderly people can suffer from loss of vision and movements, so extensive meal preparation work of cooking may be beyond their capabilities. Help your parents learn easy meal ideas so they aren't forced to commit to daily fast-food runs.

Meal Salads

Teach your parents to make meal salads in a matter of minutes by keeping plenty of fresh vegetables available at all times. Slice the vegetables in advance and put them in resealable plastic containers so they're easily accessible. To save your parents from having to cook meats, buy a variety of precooked lunch meats, such as smoked turkey and oven-roasted chicken, to put on top of the salad. Buy several kinds of salad dressing or oil and vinegar. Buy shredded cheese or shred blocks of cheese for your parents if they need the help.

Frozen Foods

Though many people look down on frozen dinners, there are healthy frozen dinner food options. Usually these meals can be heated in the oven or microwwave in a matter of minutes. These dinners will save your elderly parents the hassle of spending back-breaking hours in the kitchen. Look in the frozen food section of your grocery store for brands offering healthy food options.


Give your parents ideas of meals they can make in bulk and save. Casseroles are one idea, as they can be created in large quantities and the leftovers can be frozen and reheated later. Many stews and soups can also be made in bulk and then frozen. If your elderly parents aren't capable of making these dishes, prepare them for your parents and package the leftovers so they have meals for the future.


Sandwiches and wraps are meal ideas in and outside of the home. These are also easy for the elderly to put together. Slice lettuce and vegetables such as tomato and onion, if you parents need the assistance. Purchase presliced cheese in several varieties. Buy condiments such as spicy mustard and mayonnaise. Buy prepackaged lunch meat or cook meat, such as chicken, at home and bring your parents slices for sandwiches.