Easy Cabbage Appetizers

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Say the word "cabbage" aloud in reference to an upcoming appetizer and your kids may pinch their noses and stick out their tongues in disgust. Fortunately, several cabbage appetizers that you can conjure up in the kitchen are palette-pleasers and easy to prepare. Here's a tip for dealing with those youngsters: Just don't tell them they're eating cabbage.

Why Cabbage Appetizers?

Cabbage is a highly nutritious vegetable that may help reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer, as University of Illinois Extension notes. In addition to being naturally low in fat and calories, cabbage contains several essential vitamins and minerals. The most substantial of these nutrients are fiber, which aids in digestion; beta-carotene, which aids in the maintenance of membranes; and vitamin C, which aids in the maintenance of connective tissues. So forget oily, buttery or fried-up appetizers for your kids and choose healthy appetizer options, like those that contain cabbage.

Kinds of Cabbage

Most kids are familiar with common green cabbage, also known as Dutch white cabbage, which has dark green outer leaves and paler inner leaves. If you're trying to "trick" your kids into eating a health cabbage appetizer, switch it up with red cabbage or savoy cabbage. Red cabbage is purple or maroon in color and has a slightly peppery taste. Savoy cabbage, in comparison, is bluish-green with rich-tasting, wrinkly leaves. While red cabbage is ideal for cooking with vinegar, savoy cabbage is ideal for eating raw.

Salad Solutions

Some of the simplest cabbage appetizers to prepare are salads, of which the most popular is coleslaw. Prepare coleslaw in a pinch by chopping a raw head of cabbage into shreds and mixing it with a bit of your favorite light salad dressing. Feel free to add color-enhancers, like shredded carrots. For an even easier approach to a coleslaw appetizer, pick up a bag of pre-shredded cabbage or a bag of coleslaw mix, then add the dressing.

Easy Roll Ups

If you're looking for simple, low-carb appetizer alternatives, replace corn and wheat-based bread wraps with some steamed or lightly boiled cabbage leaves. Use these leaves for rolling up a healthy mixture of your favorite ingredients, like onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and low-fat cheese.

Suitable Seasonings

Enhance the flavor of your simple cabbage appetizers by using compatible seasonings. Tarragon, savory, black pepper, oregano, nutmeg, fennel, mustard, dill, caraway seed, celery seed, basil and anise are complementary flavors.

Stifle the Smell

To avoid stinking up the kitchen and scaring away the kids, avoid overcooking the cabbage when preparing appetizers. Cabbage has a tendency to smell because it releases sulfur compounds during the cooking process. Minimizing cooking times will lessen the extent to which cabbage releases these stinky compounds.