Does Lack of Sleep Lead to Baggy Eyes?

by Jennifer Garcia

Don't Blame Lack of Sleep

One of the main causes of puffiness or bags under the eyes is believed to be lack of sleep. However, medical research that has been done on this topic has shown little scientific evidence to support this theory. Lack of sleep has also been said to contribute to dark circles around the eyes. But again, little to no scientific evidence has been shown to support this theory.

Cover With Cosmetics

Cosmetics companies have made billions of dollars selling products that are said to reduce bags around the eyes and make the user look younger in just minutes. While there is no miracle cream or serum that a person can use to make the bags disappear completely, some of the products on the market today can reduce the visibility of such bags. On the other hand, to avoid being a slave to the cosmetic industry, you must identify the cause of puffiness and try to correct that problem before turning to cosmetic cream or gel.

Determine the Real Issue

Some medical conditions, such an over- or under-active thyroid, can produce baggy eyes. Allergens also cause baggy eyes, by inflaming sensitive tissue around the eyes, which tend to become swollen when irritated. Smoking works in much the same way; toxins and allergens from the smoke irritate eye tissue. Aging contributes to baggy eyes because fatty deposits and fluid retention can cause skin to droop underneath the eyes. Eating poorly is another factor; if you are lacking vitamin C, collagen production can be decreased, which causes skin to sag. Abusing alcohol contributes to puffy eyes by causing fluid retention, so it's best to avoid alcoholic beverages before bedtime and drink them in moderation, if at all.

Combat the Bagginess

If the problem is not severe, just a little puffiness under the eyes, a cosmetic cream may fix the problem. Topical ointments such as Preparation-H have also been known to combat puffiness under the eyes; this type of ointment works because of the ability to reduce swollen tissues, such as in the case of combating hemorrhoids. Putting cucumber slices on your eyes for about 20 minutes is also a way to bring down the puffiness. In addition, boiling a couple of black tea bags for a few minutes, letting them cool and placing them on your eyes for 30 minutes can reduce the appearance of bags beneath the eyes. Of course, taking care of allergies and medical conditions that contribute to eye bags is a sure-fire way to get rid of them. If you use alcohol and tobacco, ceasing the use of either will help get rid of eye bags, provided they are not too baggy. In cases where eye bags are severe, surgery may be necessary to correct them.

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