What Prescriptions Can Get Rid of Under Eye Circles

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Under eye circles have been a cosmetic issue for many years. Some turn to prescription medication to remedy their appearance. The most widely used prescription ingredient is hydroquinone, which has been scientifically proven to reduce dark circles by 59 percent in most patients, according to DarkCircles.net. Hydroquinone, while available in low strengths over-the-counter, is available in strengths of from 4 to 10 percent by prescription, and is used in the treatment of dark circles and other skin discolorations.


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Alustra is also known as Lustra and Lustra-AF. In addition to Hydroquinone, these products contain glycolic acid in a strength of 2 percent and moisturizers. Lustra contains a broad spectrum sunscreen, while Alustra contains retinol in a high concentration. They have been reported by the Skin Therapy Letter, to cause redness, dryness and skin peeling but have been generally well-tolerated by patients.

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Eldopaque is a topical cream that comes in both .5 ounce and 1 ounce tubes. The active ingredient is 4 percent hydroquinone and there is a sunscreen additive. The indications for Eldopaque and Eldopaque Forte is the gradual bleaching of the skin due to various dermatological hyperpigmentation disorders.

Eldopaque Forte cream is usually applied twice a day under the eye but not rubbed in. These medications are not yet determined as safe for pregnant women and therefore not recommended for them.

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Glyquin XM

Glyquin XM is supplied in a one-ounce jar. The active ingredient is 4 percent hydroquinone. This cream is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers and effectiveness in children under 12 has not yet been established and therefore is not recommended. The side effects are mild and patients report good tolerance of the medication, but allergies and slight reactions such as redness have been reported.

As with other topical skin lighteners, the recommended dosage is to apply the cream twice daily and rub in completely. However, you should follow specific instructions given by your dermatologist.

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