The Uses of Alcolado Glacial

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Some lotions only serve to moisturize the skin, but Alcolado Glacial has many other purposes. Save money by purchasing a multipurpose lotion that you can use to treat pain and for other cosmetic purposes. Originally from the Caribbean, this product is also designed to cool you down and make you feel refreshed instantly.

What It Is

Alcolado Glacial is a registered mentholated skin lotion made with menthol, alcohol and essential oils. The high alcohol content, almost 75 percent, causes it to have a cooling sensation when applied to skin. Alcolado Glacial a specific product, not the type of lotion. Look for the green bottle with the penguin.

Headaches and Fever

If you are suffering from headache, fever or congestion, try using Alcolado Glacial. For headache relief, apply it to your forehead with a towel. Do the same for fevers. The menthol smell also relieves and clears congestion so you can breathe.


You can use Alcolado Glacial to remove makeup and after a bath. Try giving a massage with Alcolado Glacial. Its cooling sensation works well for massages and the menthol smell is invigorating.

Mosquito Bites and Refresher

Take Alcolado Glacial to the beach or lake. When you start feeling too hot, apply it to your skin and feel cooler in seconds. You can also use it to treat mosquito bites.