Does Blow Drying Hair Cause Hair Loss?

by Jayme Lee

Blow drying can cause permanent damage to hair strands which result in devastating effects, such as hair loss. Blow drying dries out hair, weakens hair shafts and then results in permanent hair breakage. Fortunately, with the right hair care products and proper blow drying techniques, you can help prevent hair loss.

Buying Products to Protect Against Hair Loss

Buy a leave-in hair conditioner in a spray bottle that is specific for blow drying to prevent hair loss. Look for leave-in conditioners that contain an ingredient such as glycerin, which helps brush out tangles in your hair and coats hair shafts to prevent styling damage. Purchase a hair serum that contains the ingredient dimethicone for preventing hair loss when blow drying. Hair serums protect against hair frizzing and replenish oils that are lost due to over washing and excessive heat styling. Choose a hair serum that is specific for your hair type. Select lighter versions for fine hair and opt for standard versions for other types. Dispose of old hair dryers that do not have a cool air function and buy one that does for blow drying and to help stop hair loss. Pick a boar hair brush and hair pick which are gentler on wet hair when brushing and removing tangles.

Prepping for Blow Drying

Shower as usual. Blot hair gently to remove excessive water. Do not rub vigorously as this will damage hair and help weaken hair strands which help cause hair loss when you are blow drying. Gently take the hair pick and run it through your hair to remove any tangles. Apply the spray in conditioner to hair by flipping your head upside down. Spray it all through your hair while lightly scrunching hair strands. Flip your head back up to a normal position and take the boar hair brush and run it gently through your hair to distribute the conditioner in your hair. Apply the hair serum per the package instructions. Allow hair to air dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

Proper Hair Drying Techniques

Turn your blow dryer onto the cool feature. Take your boar hair brush and begin brushing in a downward fashion while applying the cool air to hair strands. Blow dry hair by going down hair strands to prevent damage to hair cuticles. After a few minutes of using cooler air, switch to the lowest warm setting. Do not blow dry hair in the same spot as this will heat up water in your hair cuticle and promote damage. Using high heat will actually boil water inside the cuticle which results in hair loss. Finish using the warm setting for a few minutes and then switch back to the cooler setting. Alternate between each hair dryer setting until your hair is dry.

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