DIY Oversized Monogram Pearl Necklace

by Kirsten Nunez ; Updated September 28, 2017

When it comes to jewelry, statement pieces are an absolute must. They're the perfect way to dress up a look in seconds. This long statement necklace, inspired by a $350 Lulu Frost piece, is an excellent example. It's a budget-friendly option that will set you back no more than $10, thanks to the inexpensive supplies needed. The monogram trend has never looked so good!

Turn the letter into an oversized pendant by glueing the flat charm to the back, making sure the loop is placed above the top of the letter.

Alternatively, you can use a large letter pendant. But if you can't find one, this technique is useful for transforming a letter piece into a charm.

Head outside (or to a well-ventilated area) and apply a layer of metallic spray paint to the letter pendant. As always, don't forget to protect your work space with scrap newspaper or magazines. Let dry completely.

Cut a strand of beading wire. Add a crimp bead and chain to the wire. Position the chain about two inches from the end of the wire.

Insert the end of the wire through the crimp bead.

Using the flat portion of your jewelry pliers, squeeze the crimp bead to keep everything in place. Don't trim the excess wire -- this end of the wire will go through the first few beads in the next step.

Add pearl beads. Insert the excess wire from the last step into the first few beads to add extra security to your necklace. The total quantity of pearl beads is entirely up to you. The more beads you use, the longer the necklace's pearl portion will be. This project used four inches of pearl beads.

Add a crimp bead and jump ring.

Insert the end of the wire through the crimp bead.

Pull the wire to tighten. The crimp bead should be right next to the last pearl bead.

Use the flat portion of your pliers to flatten the crimp bead.

Using the cutting portion of your pliers, trim the excess wire. This completes one side of the necklace.

Add another pearl strand to the other side of the chain by repeating Steps 3–11. However, instead of adding a new jump ring in Step 7, attach the wire to the existing jump ring.

To create an asymmetrical look, use less pearl beads. For this project, two inches of pearl beads were used. For a symmetrical design, use the same quantity of beads.

Using the second jump ring and pliers, attach the monogram pendant.

And just like that, your new necklace is ready to spruce up a plain top or dress.

Want to customize your necklace? Bring in different types of beads for a look that is all your own. This idea is excellent for using up leftovers from past projects. You can even paint a pattern on the letter. The possibilities are endless!

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