DIY Fourth of July Star Pinatas

You can never go wrong with a pinata. It’s a crowd pleaser for any occasion! For July Fourth, make mini star pinatas for your little guests, filled with confetti poppers, sparklers, pop rocks — anything that will make a “bang!” before the real fireworks start.


Star-shaped boxes, around 8 inches
Blue and red streamers
Craft glue
Fringe scissors, optional
Confetti poppers, sparklers and other treats

First, stuff the star-shaped box with all the goodies you want to include. It will be sealed up when you adhere the fringe, so you’ll need to do this first. Then, cut long strips of streamers and cut fringe on one side of them with fringe or regular scissors. Leave about a half-inch unfringed at the top.

Starting at the bottom of your box lid, run a thin line of glue and stick on a strip of streamers. Trim at the edge of the box and repeat, spacing the next line of glue about a half-inch above the previous row. You don’t need to worry about trimming the edges to the exact star shape at this point. Continue all the way up until you reach the top point of your star.

Once the whole top of the box is covered, you’ll trim. Trim right along the edge of the star shape to get rid of the excess streamer pieces. Repeat the same steps to cover the underside of the box, which you can do before or after you fringe the sides.

To fringe the sides start at the bottom point of one side of the star and work your way up to the top, gluing line by line just like you did on the front. The fringe should lay in the same direction as on the front of the box.

Run the streamers right over the seam where the lid meets the box bottom, just like you see below. This seals the pinata together. Once you finish one side, turn the box over and repeat on the other side, starting again at the bottom point. Finally, cover the underside of the box, starting at the bottom of each point and working your way to the center.

Now the pinata is ready to be cracked open. The box can be “popped” by pulling the lid and bottom apart and tearing the fringe. BANG! I think it’s time for some fireworks. Happy Fourth!

All Photos: Kelly Lanza