How to Dice Boneless Chicken

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Diced boneless chicken is often called for in a number of common dishes, such as chicken salad, chicken soup and chicken pot pie. Dicing is the cutting of any food, including vegetables, meat and poultry, into evenly-sized cubes. In the culinary world, the cubes can range from the large dice size of 3/4 inch to a fine brunoise of 1/15 inch. However, you can dice up boneless chicken into whatever size you prefer for what you are preparing. Dicing chicken isn't too difficult to do, providing you've got a good quality knife for easy slicing, but takes practice to perfect.

Step 1

Place the boneless chicken pieces on a clean cutting board. If you are dicing up freshly cooked chicken, allow it to cool just enough for you to handle it comfortably. If you are dicing up raw chicken, keep the chicken, the knife and the cutting board away from other food you may be preparing to avoid cross-contamination.

Step 2

Hold each chicken piece firmly with your non-dominant hand and use your dominant one to make even slices across the chicken with a sharp, straight-edge chef's knife. Use a sawing motion to cut cleanly through the chicken. Depending on what you are dicing the chicken up for, make the slices as small or as large as you wish.

Step 3

Rotate the chicken 90 degrees and slice the chicken again, going across the slices you already made at even intervals. Use your non-dominant hand to hold the chicken slices together as you dice. Add the chicken to a dish or store it for later use.