How to Preserve Chicken

Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Purchasing foods in bulk makes them generally cheaper in the long run and is a good option for large families. However, preserving the food so it does not spoil and keeps over a long period of time is often an issue. Meats in particular must be stored well in order to maintain their flavor and texture. Freezing is the best and most simple option for keeping poultry.

Rinse the meat, if raw, under running water and dry it with a paper towel thoroughly to ensure there is no moisture left on it.

Tear off a large piece of plastic wrap, enough to cover the entire piece of chicken about three times, and place it flat on your work surface.

Place the chicken piece at one end and roll it down with the plastic wrap so the wrap covers it completely. Press down the excess wrap on the sides underneath the chicken, ensuring no air can get in.

Create another large piece of plastic wrap and place the chicken on it if it is a large piece, such as a half or whole chicken, perpendicular to the first. Wrap it again around the chicken.

Place a square of butcher's paper on the work surface, enough to cover the chicken, and set the chicken in the middle. Wrap the paper around the chicken and keep it in place by tying twine around it.

Insert the chicken into the coldest part of your freezer on a flat surface. Place several pieces in one even layer. Allow them to completely freeze before stacking or placing other objects on top of them -- this preserves their shape.