Can You Substitute Beef Bouillon for Chicken Bullion in Potato Soup?

Eising/Photodisc/Getty Images

You’re ready to begin preparing a hearty pot of potato soup when you realize that you don’t have chicken bouillon on hand. If you happen to have beef bouillon on hand, fear not, as it may be substituted in lieu of chicken. Simply add boiling water to reconstitute the dehydrated bouillon cube into beef stock and add it to your potato soup in the amount called for by the recipe you are using.

Beefed Up Substitutions

Because beef and chicken bouillon possess unique flavors, the resulting taste of potato soup made with beef bouillon will have hints of beef flavorings. Beef bouillon can serve as a direct substitute for chicken bouillon by adding the exact amount the recipe advises. Chicken stock has a fatty element that beef lacks, so if you’re hoping to mimic chicken stock more closely you can divide the amount called for into equal parts water with a small amount of butter or oil added and beef bouillon.