Cute Eye Shadow Tricks

Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Eye shadow is one makeup product that allows for incredible creativity. With the rainbow of colors and a variety of finishes available, you can have fun experimenting with a wide array of looks that flatter your eyes. Whether you're dolling up for a glam event or just need to get out the door quickly, having a few shadow tricks up your sleeve can come in very handy -- especially when you want your eyes to do the talking.

Use a Cream Base

Discovering that an eye shadow shade doesn’t look as vibrant or intense on your lid as it does in the pan or jar can be a bit disappointing, but there's an easy way to fix a shadow that doesn't go on true to color. Start by applying eye primer in a shade that matches your skin tone or a matte finish concealer over your lids to eliminate any discoloration that might affect the eye shadow’s color. To really get your powder shadow to look vibrant, layer a cream eye shadow in a shade that’s similar to the powder under it -- this will intensify the color of the powder shadow to really make your eyes pop.

Brighten Inner Corners

When you’re applying eye shadow, you probably focus most of your attention on the lid and crease. But if you really want a wide-awake look, you shouldn’t skip the inner corner area just around your tear duct. Applying a pale shimmery shade in that spot instantly opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger and brighter. Choose an eye shadow shade based on your skin color. For pale or light skin, a shimmery ivory or beige shadow works well. For light to medium skin, a shimmery pale peach is a good option. If you have darker skin, try a shimmery gold to brighten your inner corner.

Apply Wet

When you’re working with powder shadow, try applying it wet to make the color richer. If you use a metallic or shimmery eye shadow wet, it can even create a foiled effect on the lid so your eyes really stand out. You can use either a pressed or loose powder shadow wet; dampen your brush with a little water, dip it in the shadow to pick some up and carefully blend it across your lid. Using a damp brush is also an ideal option if you want to use your shadow as liner, because it helps darken the color and improve its lasting power.

Save Time

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry in the morning, it helps to eliminate products from your makeup routine by incorporating multi-purpose items. If you want to put together a fast, polished look, don’t bother taking an eye shadow palette out of your makeup drawer. Instead, grab the same bronzer that you use to contour your face to help define your eyes. Dip a fluffy blending brush in the bronzer and sweep it through your crease for instant definition. Add a coat of mascara and you’ll be ready to head out the door in a hurry.