Crispy Homemade Churros


0:04 hola I'm Daisy Martinez for enhance

0:07 account today we're going to be making

0:14 churros that delicious Latin American

0:17 fritter sent it with cinnamon great for

0:19 breakfast snack time or any time I'm

0:21 going to start out with some water

0:23 boiling and to that I'm going to add

0:25 four tablespoons of butter I always

0:28 prefer sweet unsalted butter two

0:31 tablespoons of light brown sugar and

0:34 we're going to make sure that that gets

0:35 melted basically this is a powder shoe

0:40 dog like to make cream puffs and it

0:43 really lends itself it's delicious and

0:45 eggy and really really rich almost done

0:48 the butter is melted we're going to add

0:50 a little pinch of salt and about a

0:54 teaspoon of vanilla give it a quick stir

0:58 and then all at once I'm going to add my

1:01 flour a cup of flour and we're going to

1:03 stir this around quickly what we want

1:09 the dough dry up a little bit we don't

1:14 want any white pieces it smells

1:23 delicious or maybe the caramel for the

1:25 brown sugar just lends a very very

1:27 delicate sweetness and a pretty aroma

1:29 and the vanilla is just amazing okay so

1:32 the recipe calls for four to five eggs

1:34 why I'll tell you why every egg is

1:36 different I mean your basic large egg is

1:38 about two ounces but what we want to see

1:41 is how much egg the dough is going to

1:44 drink so we take it off the heat I'm

1:46 gonna turn that off and then we start

1:48 out we're going to add one egg at a time

1:51 and then just beat it into the dough

1:54 until the don't drink some

1:55 and the reason why we take it off the

1:57 heat is we don't want scrambled eggs in

1:58 my dough

2:01 you can see the dough is just drinking

2:03 up that egg that's starting to get

2:05 satiny and shiny and we'll do that one

2:08 at a time until the dough won't drink

2:10 any more of the eggs okay and what we

2:16 want is this beautiful satiny silkies

2:19 you can see how the texture of that Jo

2:22 has changed and what we're going to do

2:24 is we're going to just use our spatula

2:32 to turn this out into a bowl and let it

2:36 cool before we fry it I'm gonna let this

2:44 cool in the refrigerator for about 15

2:46 minutes just so that I can pipe it and

2:48 then we'll come back and cry us up from

2:49 the really delicious noodles okay we

2:52 have chilled dough nice and dry you can

2:54 see out of the refrigerator and my oil

2:57 looks hot but I'm going to check it with

2:58 the back of my wooden spoon you put your

3:00 wooden spoon in the oil and what you

3:02 want is a nice happy bubble like that's

3:05 happening now and you could tell your

3:08 oil is nice and hot perfect for deep

3:09 frying you don't want that dough to sit

3:11 in cold oil soaking up oil then you have

3:15 greasy Trudeau's and that's not fun at

3:16 all okay so I have a pastry bag with a

3:20 pretty tip a nice star tip on it let's

3:23 put our dough in and so we'll just pipe

3:28 our two toes into the oil

3:42 and you want that you see that furious

3:44 happy bubble that's what you want that's

3:47 telling you that the oil is perfect for

3:49 frying one beautiful crispy color

3:51 gorgeous

3:58 and you want them to doze to feel light

4:01 when you pick them up you want crispy on

4:03 the outside delicious almost eggy like

4:06 the inside of French cruller and light

4:09 they should feel light as air look how

4:14 gorgeous these are and all those pretty

4:17 ridges at the star tip put on the

4:19 Troodos it's going to catch the cinnamon

4:20 sugar it's gonna be amazing and I have a

4:23 lunch bag a brown paper bag I put a cup

4:27 of regular granulated sugar and a

4:29 teaspoon of cinnamon we're gonna pop

4:31 these in there give them a little shake

4:37 make sure that they're all coated oh it

4:40 smells wonderful in here and I have my

4:43 tongs let's bring our Trudeau's out what

4:46 do you think now here comes the fun part

4:56 mmm can you hear the crunch I can feel

4:59 it absolutely delicious

5:02 I'm Daisy Martinez for Eva calm women

5:05 can chew dose