Color Coverage: Blue is for You

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Miranda Priestly quickly taught Andy and the rest of us watching “The Devil Wears Prada,” the difference between turquoise, lapis and the importance of cerulean blue. In the real-life fashion world, the color blue is just as big. “Blue is a color, that, in some shade, shows up every season,” says Keylee Sanders, stylist and a regular commentator on E!. “It is almost a fail-safe color. You can rarely go wrong with blue.”

You can rarely go wrong with blue.

Keylee Sanders, stylist

Why So into Blue?

From indigo to powder blue, navy blue to cobalt, every blue evokes a feeling. That may be why Tiffany & Co, chose blue for its iconic boxes. When we see that lighter shade of blue, we immediately think of romance and luxury.

Wearing blue can stir a variety of other sentiments. “A muted, pastel blue is really calming and serene,” says costume designer Sophia Banks-Coloma, “while a bold royal blue really livens me up. Aquamarine tones make me think of holidays, beautiful crystal-clear waters and summertime.”

Sanders, founder of the Style Studio, says, “Strong, bright, royal blue makes me feel the '80s. Navy blue, one of my favorite colors, makes me think of classic, regal, almost royal qualities.”

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What Blue Hue Is Good for You?

While the vast range in the blue spectrum allows every woman to find a shade suited to her, there is a blue that looks great on everyone.

“Jewel tones are great on everyone, so royal blue is a safe bet for anyone,” says Sanders.

Customize the blues in your wardrobe to complement your skin and hair tones. “If you have pale skin and dark hair, stay away from pale baby blue,” says Sanders. For the fairer damsels among us, Banks-Coloma suggests vibrant blues. “They look especially great on blondes,” says Banks-Coloma, whose clients include Amber Heard, Brittany Snow and Kristin Chenoweth. “And, if you have blue eyes, even better!”

Sanders adds, “Navy is a great alternative for fair skin or blondes, on whom black can seem harsh.”

If your skin tones tend to be darker, avoid lighter shades of blue. “If you have a warm complexion, pastel blues can make you look a little washed-out, so stick to a more vivid shade of blue,” says Banks-Coloma, “Bold blues with purple tones work really well on olive or black skin.”

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Ways to Wear Blue

The versatility of blue offers women countless ways to combine this color into chic looks. “Blue works for all occasions,” says Sanders. “It is great for a cocktail dress and for the office.”

Sanders points to fashion designers who have taken blue from the ultra-luxe dress to the everyday denim, to show the vast range this color has. “Herve Leger always has good blue colors -- robin's egg to navy,” she says, “Yigal Azrouel has some fun dresses in blue. And, of course, the J Brand blue skinny jeans look chic as traditional alternative to traditional denim.”

For those who have too much black in their wardrobe, blue offers a change. “Blue is a really versatile color that offers a great alternative to black, which can be quite harsh,” says Banks-Coloma. Sanders agrees, noting, “Blue coordinates with most other colors, and it is softer than black when put into graphic prints."

Blue can also liven up a look. “A bright blue can add a pop of color when paired with nudes and grays,” says Sanders. And, on those daring days, pair it with coral.

Blue for Your Eyes

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Blue makeup is in. No, you have not just time warped back to the 1980s. This look isn’t about bright blue eye shadow from your lashes to your brows. This is about a deep, rich blue to create a dramatic eye for fall.

According to makeup artist Garrett Gervais, almost every fall runway played with blue hues. “Pretty much everyone is using various shades of blue,” says Gervais. “Blue suits every type of girl.”

For a more subtle look, line the top of your lashes with blue liner. And, if you want to create sexy evening look, go for a smoky navy blue eye.