Cheerleading Theme Ideas

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Putting together a theme takes vision, planning and creativity. If you’re planning on using a cheerleading theme and need ideas, there are several items that can be used to help you pull it off. Look to traditional cheerleading accessories and activities as a source for ideas for your theme. Incorporating the use of megaphones, pom poms and cheers -- among other things -- will help you achieve a successful cheerleading theme for whatever you’re planning.

Pom Poms

Poms poms are traditional cheerleading accessories. To help you achieve your cheerleading theme, you can buy them or make them yourself from garbage bags, crepe paper or yarn. You could also buy paper pom poms to hang as decorations or use however you like.


Cheerleaders use megaphones -- a classic staple in the world of cheerleading -- to yell out cheers and chants. Incorporate megaphones of any size to add to your cheerleading theme. Use small or large plastic megaphones or paper megaphones. You could order megaphone pendants to help with your theme.

Cheers and Chants

Cheers and chants are what cheerleaders use to encourage players and excite and entertain the crowd. Be creative when using them as a part of your theme. Think of unique ways to use them -- such as painting cheers on walls if you’re decorating a room, or printing them on paper and giving them as party favors.

Cheerleading Uniform

A cheerleading uniform is a prominent characteristic of cheerleaders. Short, pleated skirts and a coordinating top monogrammed with a team name or mascot will suffice. A couple of ways to use cheerleading uniforms as part of a theme is to decorate cookies by adding tasty uniforms with cake icing or hanging actual uniforms on walls to decorate rooms.

Team Colors

Select team colors to further assist in achieving your cheerleading theme. Choose two colors to use throughout the entire theme. Use these colors for the uniforms, megaphones and pom poms.