How to Do a Cheer Poof

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Whether you plan to cheer or just want to show some team spirit, a perky hairstyle with a front poof only takes a few minutes. Pair this youthful style with a ponytail, an oversized bow or leave the remainder of hair hanging down. You can easily create a small or large poof, depending on your style preference. Keep your bangs up and out of the way during physical activities with this pretty hairstyle.

Step 1

Comb out the front section of your hair or bangs. Straighten this section of hair with a heated straightener. Even if you plan to curl the back of your hair, you should straighten the bangs. This will help you get a good poof.

Step 2

Lift up the front section or bangs along with a small section of hair from the crown. Lightly spray the back of the hair you have raised with hairspray.

Step 3

Tease the lifted hair at the back with a fine-tooth comb, about 2 inches from where you want to place the poof. The tease should be hidden from view. Cinch the teased hair with a small ponytail holder. Do not pull too tightly. Leave some room to get the poof.

Step 4

Spray the poof with hairspray. Smooth down flyaway strands with your hand.

Step 5

Secure the poof at the back with bobby pins or a bow clip. If using a bow clip, the ends of the bow should point to the back.