Chalkboard and Washi Tape Christmas Tree Tutorial

by Jonathan Fong ; Updated September 28, 2017

For people who live in smaller spaces, there sometimes isn't enough room to fit a Christmas tree during the holidays. One solution is to create a flat tree that can go on the wall. This Christmas tree fashioned out of chalkboard contact paper and washi tape takes up absolutely no room at all, and it provides a whimsical touch that can make your holidays merry indeed.

Unroll the Contact Paper

Blackboard contact paper, which is available at big box retailers, many stationery stores and online retailers, typically comes in standard rolls that are 18 inches wide by 78 inches long. Unroll the paper from its package and fold it in half so that you have two facing sides that are each 39 inches long. Then draw a diagonal line lengthwise from one corner to the other with a straight edge and pen.


  • Because the paper has been rolled up in its package for so long, it usually does not want to lay flat. Use some tape at the edges to help keep the paper flat.

Cut the Contact Paper

Cut along the diagonal line, and you will have four triangles of equal size. You will only need two to make this tree, so you can save the other two for another project.

Adhere the First Triangle

Decide where on the wall you would like your chalkboard tree. Starting at the vertical tip of the triangle, peel the protective backing from the contact paper and adhere the tip to the wall. Slowly peel back the rest of the backing as you smooth down the contact paper with your fingers.

Use a level to make sure that the vertical line is straight.

Adhere the Other Side

Starting at the tip of the second triangle, line up its vertical edge with the vertical edge of the first triangle, peeling back the protective paper as you go.

When you've finished lining up the two facing triangles to make a tree, they might not line up perfectly at the bottom. That's okay, because the edges will be covered by washi tape.

Make a Chalkboard Star

Draw a star on the back side of the chalkboard contact paper, and cut out the shape with scissors.

Peel off the protective backing, and adhere the star to the wall right above the tree.

Outline in Washi Tape

As great as the chalkboard paper is, the black color does not make it very festive. To punch up the fun factor, outline the tree in colorful washi tape, pressing the tape firmly with your fingers so it doesn't peel off. With this step, the tape also covers up any imperfections at the edges of the chalkboard tree.

Make Washi Tape Garland

Create garland for your chalkboard tree by applying diagonal strips of another color of washi tape. Again, press firmly with your fingers to keep it from peeling off. Trim any excess washi tape at the edge of the tree with scissors.

Prime the Chalkboard Surface

To make it easier to write — and erase — on the chalkboard surface, prime it by rubbing the paper with the flat end of a piece of chalk. Then wipe off the chalk. The surface will appear milky and is now ready for writing or drawing.

Draw ornaments on the tree, or use it to write holiday greetings and reminders. And when visitors admire the tree, you can chalk it up to good old-fashioned creativity.

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