Care of Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks are most commonly worn by African-American women to better manage their natural hair. The hair is braided into many small individual braids. The braids are so small it can give women the appearance of straight hair, yet it is easily managed with no product.


A few precautions should be taken while washing sisterlocks. They are fragile, so being too rough with your locks may result in breakage, frizzing or excessive loosening. Before you wash, braid all of your locks into 3-5 different large braids to keep them secure. Shampoo the individual large braids with a squeezing motion to lather shampoo rather than a massaging motion that will cause frizz. Rinse your hair the same way. If possible it is best to limit washing your hair to only a couple of times a week. This will allow your hair to produce its natural oils, keeping your locks tighter for longer.


Clean your scalp daily or as often as necessary. Sisterlocks are tight to the scalp, which creates an environment that easily builds up dead skin cells and oils. Aside from washing your hair you should cleanse your scalp often with witch hazel. Apply witch hazel with clean cotton pads and be sure to reach underneath all of your locks.


Wearing a hair cover will greatly increase the life span of your sisterlocks. Hair covers reduce friction between your hair and your pillow while you sleep, protecting your hair from extreme frizz. It’s best to use satin hair socks sold specifically for sisterlocks and dreadlocks. It resembles a large sock that easily fits over your hair, acting as protection.


Maintaining your sisterlocks with regular tightening sessions, as your hair grows out, will allow your locks to remain looking great. Sisterlocks take hours to put in so scheduling tightening sessions consistently is the key to maintaining your locks so you don’t have to get them redone altogether. Ask your stylist when she recommends you should visit her next.


Avoid extensive heat to your sisterlocks. Curling irons or flat irons are very damaging and sometime cause a lock to break off completely. It’s best to style your locks with no heat methods. Allowing your hair to dry within braids achieves beautiful curls.