How to Dye Sisterlocks

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Sisterlocks refers to a patented natural hair care system for African American women. Sisterlocks consultants use a unique method of patterning and locking a woman’s hair from the scalp down to create a flowing cascade of waves and curls that enhance the woman’s natural hair texture. A woman should only undertake to dye Sisterlocks hair if she feels confident that she can do so without disturbing the locking process.

Some women have found that hair dye can cause Sisterlocked hair to bunch. There are many suggestions to refrain from dying Sisterlock hair until the hair has fully locked.

Consider doing any dye job on your hair before you begin the Sisterlocks development. Try not to dye or color your hair for several months after you begin the process. The shampooing necessary to remove the dye from your hair after the dye has set may unduly disturb the locks.

Test the dye on one lock of your hair before dying your entire head.

Work the dye into your roots gently to prevent the locks from slipping or separating. If your hair was dyed prior to putting in the Sisterlocks, it will only need touching up at the roots which you can do by gently working the dye into the roots when necessary.

Saturate your locks with the hair dye and leave the dye on longer than the average time span for dying hair (about 45 minutes to an hour). This will give the dye time to penetrate your hair.

Sisterlocks strongly suggests continuously moisturizing and conditioning your hair with their products. Sisterlocks does not sell hair dye, but after you dye your hair with a commercial product (or better year, natural henna) continue the suggested routine of moisturizing and conditioning your hair frequently.