Cap Weave Hair Styles

A cap weave hairstyle is an excellent choice for women who are trying to grow out their hair or simply want to protect the hair they have. There are many ways to style the hair once the weave is added. This makes the cap weave just as versatile as it is attractive.

Cap Weaves Worn Down

A cap weave can be worn down without a problem. The hair can also be ornamented with bows or barettes. In certain styles, it can be pulled back, away from the face. It can be put up with clips. A ponytail at the nape of the neck is particularly attractive, especially when the cap weave is made with curly hair. A side part also looks good when paired with a hair ornament.

Cap Weave Updos

Updos are an elegant turn for a cap weave. The hair can be put into a loose bun, with a few strands hanging free. It can be styled into a French roll, again with a few strands loose. It is even possible to carefully braid the weave in a circular pattern around the head for added style. With updos, however, the wearer must make sure the cap itself is completely covered with hair. If it is exposed, it will ruin the wearer's style.


Any hairstyle that could expose a great deal of scalp or put pressure on the weave should not be used. Pigtails are an example of this. Individual braids are another, as are regular ponytails. Rather than risk damaging the weave, those who wish to wear these styles should look for another method to do so.