Candy-Bar Baby Shower Games

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Many baby shower hosts incorporate candy bars into their games. Not only do the treats taste good and make great prizes, but many have names relevant to babies. Purchase some name-brand candy bars at a dollar store, and let the fun begin.

Take a Candy

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Have a bowl filled with miniature candy bars sitting at the front door. As each guest arrives, pass her the bowl and encourage her to take as many as she likes. Once all the guests have arrived, have everyone sit in the same room and let them know the candy bars were part of the first game. Each guest must now tell the group one piece of information about herself for each candy bar she took. If you like, you may have a theme such as "embarrassing stories" or "guilty pleasures."

Candy Bar Game

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Purchase six to 10 candy bars with names that relate to pregnancy or babies. Back at home, write down the name of each candy bar next to a pregnancy or baby-related clue. When you are ready to play the game, read a clue from your list to the guests. The first guest to answer the clue correctly wins the candy bar. Continue reading clues until all the candy bars have been won. Examples of clues include "the conception" for Skor bars; "girl's name" for Baby Ruth bars; "triplets" for 3 Musketeers; and "breastfeeding" for Milky Way bars.

Dirty Diaper Game

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Purchase several types of chocolate bars and melt them. Pour some of the candy into numbered diapers. Record on a master list what type of chocolate is in each diaper in case you forget. When you are ready to play the game, have each guest smell the diapers and record on a sheet of paper what type of chocolate she believes is in each one. Once all your guests have had a turn, reveal the correct answers. Whoever has the most correct answers wins.

Candy Bar Memory Game

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Place 10 to 20 different types of candy bars on a table and have guests circle around. Give them one minute to try and memorize every type of candy bar is on the table, then have them turn their backs while you remove three bars. Rearrange the remaining candy bars and tell your guests to face the table again. Whoever can guess a candy bar that is missing gets to keep it as a prize. If someone makes an incorrect guess, she is out of the game.

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