Can You Use Aluminum Foil Instead of a Baking Sheet to Cook Cream Cheese Poppers in the Oven?

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If you do not have a baking sheet and you want to bake cream cheese poppers in your oven -- as long as you have aluminum foil -- you can use the aluminum foil directly on your oven rack. With this method, the key is to let the oven rack serve as the support, as you pull the rack directly from the oven. This is a handy, in-a-pinch method because cheese often solidifies as it is heating on a baking tray, so cleanup can be messy and difficult. Typically, you would make and freeze cream cheese poppers and then reheat them from the freezer. For the stuffed poppers, the aluminum foil catches any excess cheese while allowing the jalapenos to crisp on the outside.


Select a thick aluminum foil, which creates a durable surface for baking that is less likely to rip when folding or removing the poppers. If you only have regular, thin aluminum foil, then fold four sheets, instead of two when creating the disposable baking pan. For a durable disposable pan, use four sheets of the thick foil, which will enable you to carefully remove and insert the pan into the oven, rather than handling the poppers individually.


Measure a length of aluminum foil that is double the length of a typical baking sheet. Fold it in half lengthways to create a rectangle. Roll the edges two to three times to create a durable surface that will not separate between the two sheets. Drizzle the foil with vegetable oil to prevent any poppers from sticking, especially if you made them with puff pastry.


Place the sheet in your preheated oven. Place the poppers evenly over the prepared foil, with 1 to 2 inches between each popper to let the heat circulate. Cook according to the package instructions. Use tongs to flip the poppers halfway through the cooking process to ensure that the poppers have browned all over. When fully cooked, remove the poppers to a plate. Allow the foil to cool completely in the oven before removing.

Do not attempt to remove the foil itself. It could collapse and spill the poppers. Instead, put on thick oven mitts and remove the entire oven rack. Place it on top of the stove and remove the poppers.


Discard the foil after its use. Alternatively, wash with a clean paper towel slightly wet with water and reuse with another batch of poppers. If keeping the poppers for later use into the refrigerator, use the aluminum foil as a container, folding into a pocket with the poppers inside and folding over the edges several times. Use this technique to create an aluminum foil baking sheet for other baked goods. This works well with chicken wings, french fries or other finger foods.