How to Buy Furniture for Elderly People

Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Have you ever plopped yourself down onto a soft sofa only to find that have a hard time getting up? Elderly people often sink into soft furniture and are not always strong enough to lift their bodies out of furniture. There are options that are more comfortable and practical for the elderly.

Step 1

Furniture for an elderly person needs to be firm so the senior citizen does not sink into the furniture. Finding firm furniture can be difficult to find in a typical furniture store, but are readily available at an office furniture store. Office furniture is usually firm and also comes in easy to clean upholstery. Let the senior citizen try out a variety of styles, checking the sturdiness of armrests, to find something appropriate.

Step 2

Furniture for an elderly person shouldn't be low to the ground or the elder will not be able to get up easily. Look for furniture that is set high enough to allow the person to sit and stand easily.

Step 3

Furniture for elderly people must have armrests so they have something to hold while they get up. If they sit on a sofa, make sure they have some firm large pillows that they can put on the side to give them something to push against when they get up.

Step 4

You don't want flimsy furniture for an elderly person. They need good, sturdy furniture so there is no danger of the furniture tipping over or collapsing. Make sure the floor is slip proof too. You do not want the furniture to move back as the elder gets up. The safest trick is to put the chair or sofa up against a wall.