How to Build a Dynamic Relationship

Multiethnic couple tasting food from wooden spoon


The best relationships are dynamic, the kinds that allow both people in the relationship to learn, grow and come closer to reaching their fullest potential. What will it take to create a dynamic relationship for you and your sweetheart? Follow these tips to learn how!

Be brave. While it may feel more comfortable to remain with known routines and safe patterns, what is comfortable, known and safe can turn into stagnation very quickly if you aren't careful. And stagnation is a sure way to feel unhappy in a real hurry. A dynamic relationship requires that you step out of your comfort zone and allow both your partner and yourself permission and space to grow and change. This is scary and requires bravery.

Banish "should." He should do that, she should do this, blah, blah, blah! There are no shoulds in a healthy, happy dynamic relationship. Let go of all those tightly held ideals about how your relationship should look and allow it to be just exactly what it is.

Encourage your partner to pursue his or her dreams. You, go pursue your dreams too.

Grant your partner permission to change. Just because your sweetheart had one idea, vision or belief system when you first met, doesn't mean your sweetheart will still have that same idea vision or belief system one or two or ten years into the relationship.

Grant yourself permission to change. Just because you believed or wanted one thing at one time, does not mean that you will believe or want that one thing for the rest of your life.

Continually be amazed, intrigued and curious about your partner's body and mind. Also approach your partner with the attitude of, "What new thing can I learn about you today?" Even if you have been together for 30 years, there is always something new you can learn, a new question to ask, a new way to touch, a new feeling to share. Be fresh. Be open. Be excited. Be prepared to be surprised.

Engage with the outside world. Continue to cultivate friendships and interests outside of your relationship. Being involved with the world will help you to consistently bring new energy and perspectives to the relationship. Allow your partner to have friends and interests outside of your relationship as well.

Don't freak out during times of stagnation. Even the most dynamic relationships will be stagnant sometimes. Part of a dynamic relationship means knowing that a little stagnation isn't the end of world. Take some time a part, rejuvenate yourself and approach your partner with a new attitude. Stay committed to love and life and things will change course soon enough.