Bucket Decorating Ideas

bucket image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.com

For an inexpensive and creative way to package a gift, consider buying a colorful bucket instead of a basket. You can purchase a bucket from the local dollar store and customize it with items that fit a special occasion such as a birthday party or a holiday such as Easter. Be creative, and make use of craft materials such as paint pens and fabric ribbon.

Craft Bucket

Customize a "craft bucket" for a child's birthday or any other special occasion. Before filling the bucket with simple craft and art supplies such as markers, crayons, finger paints, brushes and paper clay, write the child's name on the outside of the bucket with a colorful paint pen. Using hot glue, attach embellishments such as faux jewels or colorful buttons on the outside of the bucket. You also can use these baubles to create a border around the bucket base or across the bucket handle.

Car Wash Bucket

Create a "Car Wash Bucket" to get your children excited about helping out with the weekend car wash. Use waterproof paint to paint the child's name on the outside of the bucket. Hot glue magnets on the outside of the bucket that have a car, water or cleaning theme. Magnets are a good choice because they won't shrivel when water gets on them. Fill the bucket with car cleaning supplies such as sponges, rags and soap.

Easter Bucket

Instead of the typical Easter basket, make an Easter bucket. Glue foam cutouts of chicks, eggs or crosses (if you celebrate Easter's Christian meaning) around the base of the bucket. Be creative with your assembly. Use glitter glue pens or paint pens to write the child's name on the side of the bucket and to write a message such as "Happy Easter!" Glue embellishments on the foam cutouts, such as sequins for the chick's eyes or borders for the Easter eggs. Fill with paper grass and an assortment of candies.