Broken Spray Pumps on Perfume


0:05 hi I'm Gigi from the cocktail perfume

0:08 collection and today I'm going to show

0:10 you how to fix a broken spray tap isn't

0:14 it frustrating when you're ready to

0:16 leave the house and all you need to do

0:18 is put on your perfume to finalize it

0:20 and you go to spray it and nothing comes

0:23 out

0:23 I mean clearly there is fragrance in

0:26 there what is going on well 9 out of 10

0:30 times it's usually a clogged valve all

0:33 you need to do is take off the cap from

0:36 the straw put the cap in very hot water

0:40 and let it soak for a few minutes that

0:42 way if there is any debris it will come

0:45 off then after a few minutes all you're

0:50 going to do is take a cloth dry off your

0:54 tap put it back on pump it a few times

0:58 to see if it works and yes it doesn't

1:02 however if your pump still isn't working

1:06 that means it is defective but I do have

1:09 another solution for that go out and buy

1:12 yourself an atomizer now it doesn't have

1:15 to be fancy I know this does look fancy

1:18 but I bought at a craft store you can

1:20 also buy one you know a Target they have

1:23 them in travel sizes and plastic three

1:25 ounces so you can get that as well

1:27 and what you're going to do is just

1:29 unscrew your fragrance pour the

1:32 remaining into your new atomizer put the

1:39 top on see how easy that was knowing

1:43 that there is a solution to saving your

1:45 fragrance should give you peace of mind

1:47 I'm Gigi from cocktail perfume