Bridal Shower Gifts for a Daughter-in-Law

by Alexandra Wright ; Updated September 28, 2017

Your child’s wedding is one that brings you pride, joy and nostalgia. Nothing means more than assuring your new daughter-in-law that she is accepted and loved by you. You know you want to give her a bridal shower gift she will cherish. Giving that gift a little extra thought and attention will ensure your daughter-in-law will know she is valued and accepted by you.

Childhood Album

Go through the photos you have taken of your son over the years. Pick out your favorites, as well as those that tell the most about who he is and was. Place these pictures in a nice album. Underneath each picture, write the memory/story behind the picture. Doing this will give your daughter-in-law a glimpse into the growing-up years of her new spouse, as well as preserve memories that might otherwise be forgotten.

Family History Album

Gather pictures of extended family and ancestors. Buy a nice photo album and put these pictures in it. Label the pictures so your daughter-in-law knows who is who. Write in stories/memories if you have them. On a page in the back, write the birthdays and death dates of the relatives. This gift will allow your daughter-in-law to be able to picture who you are talking about when she is at your house for family dinners and you are talking about Uncle Al or other relatives.

Family Recipe Box

Sit down and write out the family recipes. Once you have done that, type the recipes on recipe cards. If you do not have a recipe card template on your computer, you can download one from Find a beautiful recipe box to place the cards in.

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