How to Get Your Boyfriend to Hold Your Hand

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Physical intimacy can start with a short kiss or just holding hands. Many couples have problems getting their mates to be more intimate and affectionate. For many people, showing public affection is not what they are used to. Many times shyness plays a major role with showing one’s love. When trying to get your boyfriend to hold your hand, it is important that you are careful about how you approach him.

Step 1

Be confident. The best time to get your boyfriend to hold your hand is to do it while sitting next to each other. The best place to start is in a movie theater. The darkness eases the pressure of being embarrassed and it helps with shyness. It also eases the nerves of getting the wrong reaction from the other person.

Step 2

Take your time.Try not to reach for his hand in a large crowd, especially for the first time. You do not want to turn him off or catch him by surprise. If you are walking, get close but don’t bump into each other. First contact must be to ring your arm around his and wait for a reaction. If it is positive slide you hand down to his and squeeze. Your indication that it is OK will come from if he squeezes back. If he reacts positively, hold his hand until you start to get a little clammy, then loosen up your fingers and slowly let go.

Step 3

Be smooth. When you are at dinner, if his hand is on the table and he is not using it, find a moment to say something meaningful. Make eye contact then slowly put your hand on the table. Make sure you compliment him or express how you feel about him, then reach for the top of his hand and gently squeeze his fingers. Keep your eye contact locked and do not look at your hand at any point. When you break eye contact let go of his hand and keep smiling.

Step 4

Keep your hands soft and clean. Wear something that smells sweet and keeps your hands moisturized. Don't hold hands if either you or your boyfriend are sick. You don't want this experience to be bad for either of you.