How to Become a Pet Sitter

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To become a pet sitter, you need to love animals. Pet sitting can be rewarding if the pets are happy. Pet sitters usually stay in the home or visit during assigned periods throughout the day. Some pets will be more demanding; learning more about different types of pets is important. Taking a few steps towards becoming a pet sitter is easy to do as long as you know everything about the animal in your care.

Obtain insurance. Pet sitters need to have insurance to cover themselves from any mishaps that may happen while the animal is in their care. The insurance will require that the pet sitter is bonded if they do in-house sitting. Some states and communities do require a license, but this is more for small businesses that have employees.

Spend time at an animal shelter to learn about the different pets people might have to care for. More experience with different types of animals will help. Only pet sit for animals that are easy to care for and not ones that will require more of your attention than you have available.

Hand out business cards to people at vet offices and dog parks to find business. Spread the word through postings at grocery stores and pet stores.

Nurture your love of animals. Becoming a pet sitter means having a love for all animals. Not all animals are going to be friendly and special precautions may be needed before taking care of the animals.

Talk to potential client while the pets are in the room. The more information about the pets a person has will allow the pet sitter to care for them properly. Make a checklist of everything the owner says about the pet and follow the owner's directions.