Ball Theme Ideas

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A ball can be a magical and enchanting experience, as well as an elegant and refined affair. A stunning event should have a convincing atmosphere, so that guests can be transported into a different world. Choose a theme for the ball and take the first step toward planning a dream ball.


A masquerade theme is a popular ball theme, with various sub-themes that you can utilize. A masquerade ball can be a romantic and mysterious event since guests wear masquerade masks for most of the evening.

A "Venetian Masquerade Ball" is an opulent party with decor that reflects the classic Old World style of Venice, Italy. This can be a high-class evening with guests adorned in finely crafted Venetian masks. A "Phantom of the Opera Ball" can also include a similar elegance; however, this ball will have a gothic and operatic feel. Get velvet drapes, red roses, fake cobwebs, and candles and play music from "The Phantom of the Opera," as well as classical music to carry out the theme.

You can also have a "Mardi Gras Ball." The Mardi Gras theme can range from informal to formal. This party will be much more colorful than the other masquerade themes, since the official Mardi Gras colors are purple, green and gold. Find masks that are in the official colors. Mardi Gras has a more festive and carnival feel, so implement this when developing an atmosphere.

Time and Season

Another way to find ball themes is by using a season. "Winter Wonderland" is a commonly used theme because it can be easy to find decorations. Create a frigid atmosphere by utilizing the colors white, light blue and silver. You can include ice sculptures as part of the decor. A "Holiday Ball" corresponds to the specific holiday that is around the time of the ball. This event is typically held during the winter holiday season or in areas of the country (such as the south) that do not typically have a winter season.

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" can also double as a fantasy theme, with different shades of green, fake plants and vines carefully applied to the decor to create a forest atmosphere. You could even ask your guests to dress tastefully as characters from the Shakespearean play.


Another way to bring drama to a theme is by utilizing contrasts. "Fire and Ice" can include both elements. Have ice sculptures, but also implement torches. However, make sure not to place them too close together, or you'll be left with fire and puddles instead. A "Black and White Ball" can be simple to decorate. Invite guests to wear only black, white or both and keep your ball decor in the same color genres.


A fantasy ball can create a heightened atmosphere filled with magic. This can also be an option for youth and lovers of fantasy. Have a "Fairytale Ball" inspired by your favorite tale. For example, "Cinderella's Ball" can include a large clock and waltz music. A "Royal Ball" can be a theme loosely based on various royal courts centuries ago. Kids and teens can appreciate a "Hogwart's Ball" based off the "Harry Potter" series or a "Vampire's Ball" based upon the "Twilight" series.