How to Attract & Keep a Godly Man

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If you prioritize your faith and want someone who has similar moral beliefs to your own, a godly man would be ideal. Finding someone who prioritizes God in his life can mean you will have a partner who shares your values and spiritual interests. Take the right steps to not only attract him but keep him in your life as well.

Step 1

You must become what you want to attract, says Minister Aldi Essandjo in "From Uncertainty To Destiny." Examine your definition of a godly man and ask yourself if there are any of those qualities that you still lack. What you find attractive in a godly man, he will find attractive in a godly woman.

Step 2

Go where godly men are. Your place of worship is a great way to meet the right man, but getting further involved in church activities or get-togethers outside the weekly service may give you a better chance at getting to know someone more intimately. Join any groups or get involved in volunteer projects that you are interested in. This will also let a godly man know that you share similar passions and interests.

Step 3

Show him you are interested. The best way to show a guy you like him is by making eye contact, smiling and being playful. Keep it innocent by laughing at his jokes or just letting him know that you enjoy his company. Do all this while keeping your body language demure and reserved, advises Mary Kassian, distinguished professor of women’s studies at Southern Baptist Seminary, in “Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild.”

Step 4

Balance expectations in the relationship by focusing on your faith. To keep a godly man, it is important that you're neither too dependent or too independent in the relationship, Pastor Mark Driscoll advises in his blog post "Dating, Relating and Fornicating." Do this by keeping your identity in God instead of in your man. This will ensure that your expectations of your man and the relationship are in check.