Appropriate Ordination Gifts

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Newly ordained clergy can use practical gifts, but they will also appreciate personal items, mostly because those gifts honor not just their new position, but also the person.

Simple Gifts

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Practical gifts include quality pen sets or leather-bound appointment books with replaceable pages. Frame a picture of the minister as he or she is being ordained so it can be hung in the office or set on a desk. A gift certificate to a local book store will go a long way if the new cleric needs reference supplies or a book cover.


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If the new minister has been assigned a church or synagogue, encourage friends and congregants to help supply herlibrary. A Strong's concordance with Greek and Hebrew lexicons is a valuable tool when researching Scripture to quote in a sermon, or to locate word origins. Gift him with books written by his favorite authors, or studies he can use with members of the congregation.


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A hand-held electronic organizer makesit easy to jot down important dates while on the go. On the pricier, but no less appropriate, side are office tools that can make life easier. Penlike devices help a person keep track of notes by talking into a speaker built directly into the pen. It can be plugged into most newer computers with updated programs and transposed later. Because of this recording system, ideas or future sermon notes need never be lost. Another electronic gift that will be cherished is an MP3 player that allows the newly ordained to listen to sermons, lessons or worship music while shuttling from one meeting to the next.

Specific Gifts

A newly ordained rabbi may appreciate a gemstone mezuzah case. A portable Mass kit can benefit a Catholic priest as he is starting his journey into ministry. A Protestant minister can utilize a parallel Bible to compare different translations of specific Scripture passages.