How to Apply Fairy Makeup for Little Girls

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From fairy princesses to tree fairies, nearly every little girl enthralled with the enchanting creatures could use a little magic in her life. Fairy makeup can be simple or complex, but the basic application strategies are the same, whether you're creating a dainty flower fairy or an icy fairy queen. Although you can add fairy wings and a magic wand, fairy makeup will add sparkle and shine, even if you don't accessorize.

Step 1

Choose two coordinating colors for the fairy makeup design on the eyes, one lighter and one darker. For a tree fairy, opt for shades of green. An ice fairy might want shades of blue, or you can match colors to your fairy's wings, tutu or wand.

Step 2

Apply the lighter shade over the eye area with a makeup sponge, creating a wing shape that extends up and above the eyebrow and ends in a rounded curve or point below the eye.

Step 3

Add dimension to the outer edges of the fairy eye makeup with the darker shade and a medium-sized paintbrush. Blend the colors with a sponge to create an even flow of color from one to the other, working from the inner corner toward the outer corner.

Step 4

Trace the shape with a small brush and white face paint. Add delicate curlicues and tendrils around the edges of the face paint.

Step 5

Touch up or clean up any mistakes with a baby wipe or makeup remover and a cotton ball or swab.

Step 6

Lightly brush glitter powder or spread glitter gel over the finished fairy makeup. Add a sparkly lip color to finish the fairy's magical new look.