Amazing Race Theme Party Ideas

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"The Amazing Race" is a TV shows that sends teams around the world to complete a series of challenges and tasks. The goal to cross the finish line first sounds simple enough, but the contestants of the reality show often face struggles that impede their progress. Although a worldwide event is most likely not a possibility for a theme party, elements from the television show translate to a small-scale version of the challenge. A party with "The Amazing Race" theme works well for birthdays, end-of-the-year parties, bridal showers or engagement parties.


Passports serve as the inspiration for theme-friendly invitations. Each guest receives a passport in the mail that includes all the relevant party details. Miniature notepads with flexible plastic covers work well to form the basis for the invitations. A design or message can be written on the front cover of the notepad with a permanent marker or paint pen. Fill the first page inside the notebook with the party details, including the date, time, location, RSVP instructions and any relevant information regarding dress or activities. Mail the invitations two to four weeks before the party date to ensure guests are able to attend.


A challenge similar to the style of "The Amazing Race" provides an engaging activity for the party. Guests working in teams complete a set of tasks, racing to be the first group to finish. The level of difficulty for the challenge depends on the ages of the party guests. For younger children, a game that leads them around the party venue, neighborhood or small park is appropriate. Ask neighbors to host the challenges at their homes. For teens or adults, the game offers more excitement when the challenge takes them around the city, a mall or a large park. Coordinating the activities requires careful planning to ensure the game flows well and is feasible.


Party favors serve as thank-you gifts to the guests who attended the party. Offer a trophy to the winning team and ribbons for the other teams so no one leaves empty-handed. Provide goody bags that contain various items relating to the challenge you created for additional parting gifts. Items can include postcards, gift certificates to local establishments or spa items to help guests relax after the challenge. Assign one member of the team to be the photographer to capture moments from the race. Mail copies of these pictures to the participants later with thank-you notes.


The majority of the entertainment takes the guests away from the party venue, making decorations optional. However, decorations create a festive atmosphere and welcome the guests as they arrive. The party’s color scheme guides the choice of decorations. Bright colors work well and can be selected based on personal preference. Inflatable globes incorporate the world-travel theme into the event. The globes also work as party favors for the guests. A replica of "The Amazing Race" logo on a sheet of poster board greets guests upon arrival.


The physical demands of the challenge game result in a hungry crowd once the winner is announced. A buffet of foods fuels the party guests, allowing them to recuperate. To embrace the world-wide stage of the television show, consider offering a variety of foods from around the world.