All-Natural Permanent Hair Removal

While some hair removal methods are permanent, these are usually machine-induced. Laser and electrolysis are two major permanent hair removal techniques, which unfortunately are both invasive and expensive. While natural methods can be effective and cheaper, they are not generally permanent. The good news is, since they are inexpensive and painless, you can repeat your hair removal regimen on a regular basis in order to remain hair free at all times.

Lemon Juice and Honey

Fat Free Kitchen has a list of alternatives women with body and facial hair can try. One of these methods is to make a mixture of four tablespoons honey with one tbsp of fresh lemon juice. The mixture has to be applied on the face or wherever hair needs to be removed from. After 15 minutes, the paste can be removed and the face can be washed. This will achieve hair removal for up to three weeks. You can simply repeat this process when hair begins to grow back, achieving continual and permanent hair removal through repeated applications when necessary.


Tumeric is a natural ingredient with hair removing properties. Mix two tablespoons tumeric with milk and apply in circular motions to areas with unwanted hair. Wash away after about 20 minutes. Hair removal will be achieved that lasts for between three days and several weeks. Again, this painless and inexpensive method can be repeated on a bi-weekly basis to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal without the pain, risk or expensive of electrolysis or laser hair removal.

Other Natural Options

A paste of sugar; water and lemon can be made and applied on the face or other areas in which hair needs to be removed. Remove the paste after about 15 to 20 minutes. This remedy can be done two to three times a week. Natural Living for Women says that this method, in use for centuries in Egypt, has the same effect waxing, but without the side effects.

Another to remove hair from the legs, involves mixing white pepper and camphor and applying as a paste.