Adoption Gifts for Older Children

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Giving a gift to a newly adopted child is a wonderful gesture that reflects your own joy in this new addition to the family. One of the advantages to adopting an older child is that he already has developed tastes and interests, so choosing a gift that he will like can be easier.


Bring the family closer with a new board game that everyone can play together. For children who can't read, Candyland and Chutes and Ladders are easy, fun games. Connect Four helps develop fine motor skills, while Scrabble or Boggle can strengthen a child's vocabulary. Clue and Monopoly are available in both junior editions and classic versions. Would You Rather helps a family learn more about each other in a fun and entertaining way.


Give a child the opportunity to remember his past and celebrate his future with a beautiful wooden box that can hold his collected treasures. A photo album can hold pictures of his birth family as well as his adoptive family. Give him a scrapbook that includes a letter you have written welcoming him into your life. Buy a silver frame and have it engraved with the date he was adopted. Put a picture of him with his adoptive family in the frame, or give him a gift certificate for a session with a professional photographer.

Personalized Present

Choose a gift that is personalized with the child's name. The budding ballerina would love a dance bag with her name on it, while the young athlete would appreciate a jersey with his name emblazoned on it. Have a jigsaw puzzle made out of a photograph of the new family. Give a teenage girl a silver locket with her initials engraved on it, or have a keychain monogrammed, so that it is ready to hold a key to the child's new home.