Activities & Games for a Healthier Marriage

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Improving your marriage and making it healthier is a goal every couple should have. You can do a little of this every day so you will have the best marriage possible. Using games and enjoyable activities ensures you are more likely to work on your marriage often. Choose the most appealing options and get busy. You and your spouse will be the envy of all your friends because you enjoy spending time together.


Improve your communication skills and learn more about each other, suggests the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center in “10 Things You Can Do To Have A Healthy Marriage.” Tell your spouse something new you learned about yourself while eating dinner or ask questions about him. Pretend you’re practicing for a spouse trivia game show. Use the questions in “Love Lists: What Every Woman Wants...Her Man Can Know” by Frank Candy and Lillian Casselberry to explore how well your partner already knows you. Many of the questions can apply to either of you, such as naming your partner’s favorite color or food, where you grew up and revisiting favorite childhood stories your family loves to share.

Shared Interests

Explore common interests together by taking a class, visiting your mate’s favorite childhood locations or teaching your spouse something you do well. If she loves plants, take walks together and have her point out plants she’d love to have in her garden or explain how she’d like to incorporate a garden in a house you plan to buy later. Learn to take and develop pictures as a team and create a memory wall of your favorite times together. Choose a book to read and discuss together. Play your own version of 20 questions, charades, drawing or trivia games using your favorite interests.

Get Healthy

Take up a sport together, such as bowling, boxing or skating. Alternatively, join the gym and take a fitness class together. Use the shared time to develop your team-building skills, improve your physical health and spend time together. Improve your diet by trying new recipes together and eliminating foods that aren’t healthy. Collect your favorite recipes and put them in a new family cookbook. Express your admiration for your mate’s efforts to live a healthy life with you.

Improve Your Love Life

Take turns giving each other massages. Learn where your spouse holds tension in his body and help him relax. Take relaxing baths together and use the time to share fantasies you want to try. Add an adult twist to familiar children’s games, suggests Joan Elizabeth Lloyd in “Come Play With Me: Games and Toys for Creative Lovers.” Hide something on your body your spouse must locate. Blindfold your partner and have him try to find and disrobe you. Role-play your favorite sexy movie. Catalog shop for new toys or lingerie.